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This sequence is a recreation of one of my favorite parts of the film Army of Darkness. I was responsible for all aspects of this sequence outside of the original audio. The models were created, textured, rigged, lit, and animated in Autodesk Maya and rendered using Solid Angle's Arnold. It was then compiled together using Foundry's Nuke.

In this animation audio is re-purposed from the film Office Space and using a modified version of the Eleven Rig from the 11 Second Club. The environment was created from scratch to create a semblance of a science fiction spaceship cockpit.

This piece is a table slam based on video reference. There is no audio in this sequence although lip-sync was attempted to match the reference. The rig used in this is the Malcom 2.0 rig from AnimSchool. Other assets were created from scratch to create the environment.

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