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This video is a general Overview of the Myles Rig used in the short film "Monkey Thief". The character is one of the lead characters of the film and is seen throughout. The Rig is a custom rig built from scratch with a few automation scripts I wrote myself to speed the process up.

The model and facial blendshapes were created by Mason Smigel for this film. Given this character is a 'hero' rig, the decision was made that the modeler create the blendshapes for the facial setup while I created all of the correctives.

This video shows off more of the specifics on how the facial rig was setup to allow for as much flexibility to the animator. It utilizes a hybrid setup of blendshapes and joints. Originally the blendshape switches were in a box along the side of the head but feedback from the animation team lead to the switches being placed directly on the model for easier access.

This is a walk cycle of the character rendered out. Animation by Zachary Ates. Backpack is also rigged by myself.

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